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The question everyone's been asking me since last week is,

The answer is, he pulled off a pretty elaborate scheme to make the proposal night extra special! I've already explained the story to all of my coworkers, so I figured I'd write a post for all of you to enjoy as well!

To preface, I just have to say: I had predicted pretty well how I thought the proposal would go, down to the exact spot and what would happen afterwards. So, it was funny, because even while I was so shocked and surprised, I had already imagined it happening the exact same way that it really did!

We had known that this fall would be the right time – our two-year anniversary was September 5, and I knew it would be coming after then, but before the holiday season started. I picked out my ring on Etsy a couple months prior, and I was just so excited to finally see it in person soon. Everything was in place... I just had to wait for the mysterious day.

The day began as any usual Sunday would: we went to church (masked and distanced) in the morning, and then came back to my place to cook lunch and relax. He told me earlier that week that we were going to have dinner with his grandparents in Howell, their small hometown, that Sunday night, which I thought nothing of, since that's a semi-regular occurrence.

He was acting so normal and not nervous at all, so I really didn't suspect a thing, but the day before, I did start to get the inkling that it was happening very soon. We drove up to Howell, and listened to our master playlist of Owl City songs for a good old dose of nostalgia.

We had gotten there early so that we could walk around the quaint downtown area, which we'd also done many times before. It started raining, and by the time we were on the other end of town, we were soaking wet and cold. I wanted to go back to the car, but then I realized where he was leading me: the bridge over the railroad tracks.

That spot on the bridge had been special to us ever since the very first time he brought me there, two years ago. It's surrounded by beautiful, leafy trees, and you're high in the air with the train tracks down below. I always thought it was so pretty there, and I secretly knew/hoped he would propose there.

And then, before I had time to process, there we were, on the bridge, surrounded by vibrant red fall leaves, and he proposed, soaking wet in the rain.

I was so surprised, and I could barely take in the moment; he just hugged me and we stood there for a while in shock! Then, he said we needed to head back down to the center of town, so we did.

He led me to the little church and down the stairs into the social hall, where our parents and a few friends were waiting to surprise us! It was so sweet and thoughtful of him to invite the people that mean the most to us to celebrate this moment.

We had a mini engagement party, with fried chicken for dinner and cupcakes for dessert, and his sister took some photos of all of us which you can see here!

It still feels so surreal, and I can't even wrap my head around wedding planning just yet. I've got the most beautiful ring on my finger, and I've got a man who wants to take care of me and love me for our whole lives. It almost just feels normal and peaceful, because we've known this is how we'd end up all along. I can't wait to prepare for our new life, and I can't wait to share the journey on Coil as well.

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heart won't let me – LANY

LANY released a new album this month, and honestly, I don't quite like it as much as their past records – but this song is one of the better, catchier ones!

Too Many Friends – Spencer Sutherland

This man just never misses, with his impressive vocals and soulful, quirky brand of pop music.

Jeanie – Jim-E Stack feat. Bon Iver

Anything featuring Bon Iver is sure to be a hit (see: exile by Taylor Swift), and this one has got his signature distorted vocals and off-color drum beats all over it.

Potential Breakup Song – Aly & AJ

Okay, why did no one tell me that this early-2000's throwback was an absolute banger?!? I can't stop playing this, and I wish I could have known it during the Disney Channel golden age.

Holy – Justin Bieber feat. Chance The Rapper

Say what you want about Justin Bieber, but the boy can sing. This song is sweet and catchy, and I realized why I enjoy it so much when I found out that it was originally written and demoed by Jon Bellion!

Your Man – Joji

Somewhere Only We Know – Glee Cast feat. Darren Criss

My roommates are addicted to watching Glee, and since I've never seen it until now, it's been a wild experience getting sucked into the crazy world of this show. A lot of the musical performances are incredible, and this is one of my all-time favorites from the show so far.

Sofia – Clairo

I found this song, you guessed it, from some TikToks, and it's just a nice, chill, alt-pop tune.

Troublemaker – Olly Murs feat. Flo Rida

This is a throwback to my Radio Disney days as a pre-teen. I remembered that this song existed a few weeks ago, and I forgot what a total bop it is. It's living on my playlist again now until further notice.

Eyes Closed – Mozi

I featured this on last week's Single Saturday – go check out Mozi and the rest of her stuff, she's so talented and you won't regret it!

Coil subscribers, keep on scrolling for my full playlist from this month!

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Repost – originally published October 18th, 2019

I met these guys at a local show a few summers ago, and I was blown away by their talent. I remember how tight their setlist was, including fun, reimagined covers as well as well-written, high-energy original songs, and I just knew they were going to be special. This album is still on my playlists, they did such a great job with it, and I got to see them play a few times before they unfortunately disbanded and formed different projects. Enjoy this review and little video trailer of their concert!


FOR FANS OF: Twenty One Pilots, The White Stripes, half-alive

The iconic lyric “and it was all yellow” originally belongs to Coldplay, but Detroit pop rock band Good Racket is coming for their color scheme in a big way.

The venue they call home is named “The Yellow Room,” on the second floor of a downtown Wyandotte, Michigan coffee shop. Their merch and outfit choices are all yellow. And their sounds from their new LP, Love/Lost, are just as bright, bold, and sunny.

(left to right) Lauren Lanzini, Morghanne Wood Garnica, Johnny McCormick, and Alec Garnica.

The record opens with an interlude-style intro, simply It Gets Better. Gang vocals and a driving snare builds, then explodes into Thirteen, a rollicking, pop-punk influenced tune with plenty of opportunities for air drumming.

The romantic track Honey is the black sheep of the album, with a slower beat reminiscent of bedroom pop, a female-sung hook, and rap verses. However, even with its unique composition, it still manages to still sound like Good Racket, and is an interesting detour within the flow of the album. Morghanne Garnica provides the pop vocals, and lead singer Johnny McCormick raps verses in the style of Tyler Joseph or Jon Bellion.

Another interlude, this time a comical voicemail stuttering a confession of feelings to a crush, brings us into Won’t Take No, a standout, straight-up pop-punk track that was made to be sung along to at a live show. A fast-paced tempo (as well as a cut to half-time in the bridge) propels McCormick’s strong and appropriately yell-y vocals.

The band takes it down a notch for the mid-album ballad, Toledo. This track showcases more vulnerable lyrics and a blues flavored melody, guitar tone, and organ. The melancholy tone continues into Last Chance, a track led completely by Garnica on vocals. This is an emotional spot on the record, and comes across as very genuine. Stagnant finishes the album by looking onward and upward, a track that builds up to an anthemic and hopeful conclusion.

From the color of Honey, to the carefree, sunny summer rock in Won’t Take No, and the brilliant, wide open sky mentioned in Stagnant, Good Racket’s world truly is all yellow.


Love/Lost proves that Good Racket have the know-how to make some incredibly catchy rock songs, and a visit to The Yellow Room proves that they also know how to put on a great show. Watch this video I put together highlighting their album release concert!


(Repost - originally published October 18th, 2019)

Hello Coil readers! This was the first serious music review that I posted here on Coil one year ago, and it's still one of my favorite pieces I've ever written. The people in this band have grown to be dear friends of mine, and they even were the very last band I saw live this past January, before COVID shut down live music. This was a post that really made me fall in love with writing content and reviewing music, and I'm still so proud of it, so I hope you enjoy it!


FOR FANS OF: Colony House, Paramore, MisterWives

The latest six-song release from Detroit locals The Timbre of Cedar sounds like something you would hear playing at your favorite weekend breakfast spot. Sitting at a diner counter or in a cafe armchair, sipping on a mug of coffee or eating a plate of pancakes and over-easy eggs, you are accompanied by uplifting indie rock with a throwback flavor and catchy melodies. As the name suggests, Sunny Side State of Mind encourages a carefree, peaceful, Sunday brunch way of looking at life.

Let’s Go opens the record with Beach Boy-esque harmonies and a grooving summer beat, perfect for its initial release as the leading single in August 2018. Vocalist Marrissa Parham sings about spontaneous road trips, hitting the beach, and embracing the fun times of being young without letting the clouds of life’s troubles get in the way. A mid-song tempo change gives the song an unexpected twist, and solidifies its status as a punchy, upbeat opener.

(left to right) Andrew Grzyb, Sam Parham, Marrissa Parham, Alex Rahill, Eric Grzyb

Grow Your Roots brings Sam Parham’s prominent bass lines to the forefront of the verses, and soft synths and catchy melodies color the choruses. The lyrics continue to give the message and focus of Timbre’s mission as musicians: to bring joy and hope to anyone listening. This song gives a reminder that the grass is always greener on the other side, but to bloom where we are planted and “grow where your roots are”.

Sunny Side Up takes on its own kind of style, from the simple and sweet lyricism to the synth accents that sound straight out of Stranger Things. Timbre has a penchant for really opening up the throttle late into their songs, whether it’s a tempo change in the bridge, a switch to a double-time drum beat, or a sudden change to power chords and crashing cymbals, and this track takes the last route mentioned. With its easy sing-along ability and positive message, this song encapsulates the feel of the EP and lends itself perfectly to the title.

Gold is the one song that wastes no time in rocking out, with a driving guitar riff and a powerful vocal performance. The lyrics employ an extended metaphor of gold being refined in fire, just as enduring love (presumably a marriage) is tested and made stronger through life’s trials.

If you wanted a roadmap on how to truly live out a call to love to the fullest, What If Love spells it out pretty darn well:

Love takes itself to the back of the line

Stops counting the crimes, and lays down its life

So come on now, drop your weapons and the hate in your eyes, the fear that divides

This track gives a powerful reminder that we could gain the whole world, but if we do not love, what is it all for? According to Timbre, love is “a currency that I should spend”, “a treasure we’re all after”, and “the measure of a lifetime.” Love is at the heart of all of the positivity and joy promoted by their music, and this song brings that point home.

Closing out the EP is Flowers at Midnight, a soothing lullaby of a track that is tear-jerking in its vulnerability and unwavering hope. Parham compares being shown love, thoughtfulness, and care in the midst of a dark struggle to being surprised with a bright bouquet in the middle of the night. This song hearkens back to the haunting honesty of ballads from Timbre’s 2017 full-length LP, Restoring the Light, and conveys both a deep struggle and a profound hope that joy will prevail.

My personal favorite part of the entire EP comes at the very end, when Flowers at Midnight closes with the same sweeping harmonies that Let’s Go began with. The record rounds out as a cohesive experience, and the listener is left with a peaceful, sunnier outlook.

Listen to the EP here!

Check out the music video for Sunny Side Up here!

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It's official – my corner of the Internet is turning 1 year old today!

One year ago today, I made the decision to create an account on this crazy new platform that I'd seen an old friend make tons of money on. I had no idea the magnitude of the journey I was about to embark on.

I had experience posting on a Wordpress blog during my time working on my journalism degree, but I really just did it for my class requirements, and had only thought about doing it for fun here and there. But I figured, hey, I liked writing about stuff I care about, and I think I'm pretty darn good at it, so why not give it a shot?

I started up slow, throwing out a couple of ideas I had, and writing a fun little listicle about my latest additions to my Spotify playlists for that month. Life got busy at the end of last year, and combined with the holiday season and me getting the flu, I didn't write very much in 2019 at all. But, once New Year's rolled around, I knew that this was something that I wanted to commit to and stick to.

On January 1st, 2020, I told myself I'd start posting articles three times a week, with the goal of building my online presence, growing in my writing skills, and getting into that coveted Boost program.

And so began this past year, filled with ups and downs, learning new things, meeting people from all different places and walks of life, gaining confidence in myself, pushing through tough times, and having the coolest side hustle I could ever ask for.

I've received generous Boost payouts totaling over $2100 USD in a year, and I have over 175 posts cataloged on my blog! Those are some big numbers, considering that a year ago, it seemed preposterous to think that I could get paid for posting my thoughts on the Internet.

Creating on Coil has taught me a whole lot, and I'll always be thankful for it. I've learned about things that I never dreamt I'd be interested in, like cryptocurrency, art, world events, and even childbirth and parenting!

That's not to say that it's always been a walk in the park – it's ironic that this big anniversary is happening right now, because I currently feel more discouraged than ever, with my engagement at next to nothing, even though I feel more confident than ever in the quality of my content.

It would have been a much more joyous occasion to have this anniversary in one of my “good” months, where it seems like people are enjoying what I'm writing. But right now, this low point just serves as a reminder that there will be ups and downs in my creative journey, and that I've come this far, so there's no reason for me to give up.

Putting the work in on this blog has also given me confidence in my abilities and opportunities that I could never have imagined previously. I've applied for countless jobs and internships that I've used my blogging experience as direct leverage to showcase my skills, my work ethic, and my progress. I'm positive that I could not have arrived where I am today in my career without this blog.

Finally, to celebrate my anniversary, I'll be re-vamping and reposting some of my all-time favorite articles in the next week from way back when, so that more people get to see them, and they get another chance to shine :)

So, all I can say to end this, is thank you – to Coil, and to every person who has ever supported me or enjoyed my content. I'm working every single day to make better quality stuff, and I genuinely enjoy doing it, so look out, world – this is only year one of many.

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Today's new single comes from the lovely, ethereal musician Mozi. My review of her eight-track EP, Human, is still one of my favorite reviews I've ever written, and I still enjoy putting that record on and listening to the sweet, dreamy tunes. I'm so excited to have new music from her, and I already know this one is going to become a favorite.

The lyrics deal with the apprehension and fear of following your big dreams – in this case, pursuing songwriting and music as a career. “These dreams cannot pay the bills” is an all too familiar sentiment echoed in this song. However, the texture and feel of the song feels overwhelmingly like a dream, with harps, synths, and harmonies filling the space. It's a simple yet powerful song, with a vulnerable message.

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We've FINALLY reached the month that inspired me to start this series in the first place. I come back to this specific playlist so much, because the minute any song from this month comes on, I'm immediately transported back in time to the exact feelings and days surrounding me listening to these songs.

I was listening to these tunes on my drives back and forth to my very first weeks of class at community college, half and hour from my parent's house. Hearing any of these songs makes me distinctly remember feeling the chilly fall air, wearing sweatpants to class almost every day (just because I could!), and taking many different back ways to avoid traffic from downtown and take in the scenic routes.

I felt like a totally new person after leaving high school – I was independent, I could come and go to class as I pleased, I was getting involved in different groups and activities, and I was making new friends, all outside of my formerly tiny high school bubble. There were so many new emotions and experiences to be had, and these songs were my soundtrack in a big way.

Obsession – Vice feat. Jon Bellion

I had just begun my journey into Jon Bellion's discography, and when I realized that this catchy tune that played over the speakers at my job at Ulta Beauty was by him, of course I had to listen to it over and over.

Let Me Go – Hailee Steinfeld, Alesso, Florida Georgia Line

This was a staple on my playlist this month, just one of those super catchy, top 40 pop hits that got stuck in my head.

Woke The F*ck Up – Jon Bellion

Yet another song from the man himself. His music is just so incredible because it's creative and unexpected, in term of lyrics, production, and musical style. His vocals are amazing, his beats are hard, and this is just one of his many bangers.

Daddy Issues – Demi Lovato

Alright, alright, a little bit scandalous, but I was blasting Demi's latest album so much in the car, for some girl power and some intense vocals that I pretended to be able to sing along with.

If It Isn't You – Cimorelli

This was the first single leading up to the girls' third full-length album, Sad Girls Club, and oh MAN was I excited. I remember seeing that the song had been uploaded to their YouTube channel while I was sitting at school between classes, and I immediately put in my headphones and heard it as soon as it was on the Internet. It's a great, somewhat comical pop song about pining over a guy you never really got over, and how no matter what, you can't stop going back to them and thinking about them.

It's a very specific emotion, knowing that you're still into someone and holding out hope, even when you're trying to like someone else. I had just had a guy ask me out for the first time in my life, and as much as I tried to like him, I just couldn't listen to cute love songs and have them be about him. This song was hitting too close to home:

Do you think about me? Do you miss the nights when we would hang out and just drive around? Do you think about it now?

I ask all my friends about you , and it hurts a little when they say you're happy, 'cause a part of me still wishes you smiled because of me

I'd come back to you, back to you

You know it's only you, only you

I don't want nobody if it isn't you

The “you” in question, of course, was Peter- my now-boyfriend, but at the time, he was just a friend, and I was always wishing that the guy I was going on dates with would be him instead. Obviously, I got my wish eventually, but there was definitely some MAJOR teenage pining going on while I waited for him to come around. :)

Milk – The 1975

This is one of many B-side, lesser-known tracks by The 1975, and I remember listening to this all through the fall and winter months, so it reminds me of even that Christmas time of 2017.

Honey – Kehlani

This song is just lovely as an acoustic ballad, and stellar vocals as usual from Kehlani- and, well, the lyrics speak for themselves.

Dancing On My Own – (Robyn Cover) Cimorelli

This was absolutely a defining song of this month – I'm not exaggerating when I say I listened to it at least two or three times A DAY. This is a purely acapella cover that just blew me out of the water with the vocal talent showcased here. The harmonies, the high notes, the angst and emotion behind the song, all LEGENDARY.

Galaxy – Dani Cimorelli

This song was very closely connected to that boy situation I mentioned earlier, and it also gives me very vivid flashbacks to the moments I had listening to it. It's a pretty, dreamy song about loving someone like they're your entire galaxy.

I had it on in the car on a pitch-dark, rainy night, driving to a Halloween party, and the guy from before had just messaged me and formally asked me on a date that next week. I distinctly remember listening to this song and thinking, “if I'm going out with this guy, shouldn't I be thinking about him when this song plays? And not Peter?” Yep, I was hooked on him like that already. Now, it's a nice thought to listen to this song and be thinking about the same blue eyes that I was back then:

Blue , the color of your eyes and all I see

When I look up at the skies I think of you , driving me in your car , it's been so long

You said “don't wait up for me, baby,” but you know I'll wait forever

Nobody else makes me crazy , you know there's no one better

Before October's Gone – Cimorelli

And finally, I know, I know, tons of Cimorelli, but hey, this one is tradition to listen to at the end of October each year, as you can see from the title. It's one of their best-written songs for sure, and it so accurately describes the feeling of a crush slowly slipping away, not talking as much, and seeing them move on without you. A perfectly melancholy, gloomy fall weather kind of song.

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