Tell Me What You Want – Cherry Blossom Club Single Review


Cherry Blossom Club are both newcomers and veterans of my local Michigan music scene – the project formerly known as Good Racket changed memberships and aesthetics, and now here they are, back and better than ever.

Left to right: Alec Garnica, Johnny McCormick, Draven Whitaker, and Noah Shpak

This song is a pleasant surprise to me, because it's been in the works for over a year now! I heard the band perform it at our big Halloween show in 2019- the last big concert I worked, before COVID shut everything down. I enjoyed it a lot at first listen, but now that it's recorded, mixed, and mastered, it's even better.

The single has an anthemic, emotional feel, with building, half-time verses and a huge chorus. The changing energy and dynamics throughout the song keep it fresh, and the vocals are seriously impressive. The main riff of the song is so catchy, mainly because it's echoed so many ways, from the rhythm guitar to the chorus melody to the guitar solo bridge. Honestly, I just can't stop humming along to it; it's catchy and it's a banger, that's all I really need.

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