My Current Favorite YouTube Creators

Jenn Im

Jenn has been a breath of fresh air into my YouTube viewing! I genuinely get so excited whenever she uploads. The quality of her content is impeccable, it's engaging to watch, and she has a very laid-back, accessible attitude. Her content lately mostly consists of recipe/vlog hybrid videos such as this one, a regular installment of “What I Ate In A Week”. She shares at-home dishes that combine her Korean roots with her husband Ben's English cooking, and a whole lot of mish-mashes of trying to use up her leftovers!

Her monthly vlogs are also videos I look forward to seeing, encapsulating a weekend or so of what she's up to, new habits she's forming, what she's doing around the house, makeup or fashion finds, and everything in between.


Katy makes some great content about what it's really like to be a creative working for yourself, not to mention her apartment tours and decor videos are incredible and provide me with plenty of inspiration of what I want my place to look like!


I've been watching Ashley throughout quite a tumultuous time in her life: I watched her move apartments in downtown Los Angeles to her very own private studio, graduate from film school a year early, and then make the jump to move to a shoebox apartment in New York City...approximately one month before the pandemic made New York the least desirable hometown in the US.

Her content always inspires my fashion, since her style is a bit out of my comfort zone, but it makes me want to try new things (and hope that I can find thrifted clothing as well as she does). She's also quite well-educated and opinionated about many things us girls struggle with, so even her off-topic ramblings add plenty to her videos!

Bailey Sarian

I love true crime cases, and I love makeup, Bailey combines them both in her chatty videos, and I absolutely love it. She does her research as well as inserts her funny opinions into the stories she covers!

Samantha Ravndahl

Sam has got to be one of my favorite beauty YouTubers out there – I just vibe with her so much, we have the same brand of wit/sarcasm, and I feel like we could be great friends in real life. She's got big news lately, even though I've been watching her for a year or two now: she's just launched her own makeup brand, and she's expecting her first baby!

Her style of makeup is quite different from my go-to products and techniques, and at first, I had no idea why I was watching her, because I didn't do my makeup like she did at all! But her content made me branch out and try makeup that I usually wouldn't have even considered. I've learned a lot from her, and I love watching her chatty getting ready videos like I'm sitting around with an old friend.

Thanks for reading!