Monthly Mixtape – October 2019

Luv U – Marquette

I made this meme specifically to express how I feel about Marquette's new single:

Marquette is part of my local scene, and I always love seeing her perform. She packs a vocal and stylistic punch, and this song is no exception. She opts for a more laid-back vibe, with a swaying tempo and lowkey melodies and riffs (as previously mentioned, in the same style of the queen Kehlani herself).

The Edge Of The Earth – Switchfoot

About every week or so, you can find me saying “How did I not know THIS Switchfoot song existed? It's the greatest thing I've ever heard!” This week's latest discovery is this track from a collection of B-sides from 2014. It's incredibly simple and almost ethereal, with soaring melodies and haunting stacks of vocals accompanied only by a ukulele. Switchfoot just gets better and better the more you hear.

Cheating On You – Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth sure has a lot of relationship issues, but he makes some killer music about it, so I'm fine with it. This song has a throwback hip-hop beat and synth line that's so 80's, it's almost cheesy. It sounds like an emotional plea by a boy band for their girl back, and somehow he pulls it off.

Redemption In Motion – Kings Kaleidoscope

This is a recent discovery for me, although this particular song has been around since 2014. This song is only a two-minute interlude in the middle of its album, and it always leaves me wanting more. Glittering synths and a powerful vocal melody make this worthy of a two-minute jam session every time it comes on.

All Love – Fletcher

This has been one of those songs I CANNOT stop playing on repeat for many weeks now. I saw Fletcher open for LANY on tour, and her flawless live vocals impressed me enough to make me an immediate fan. The riffs and buildup of each verse into the chorus are captivating- it's just a perfect moody, dark, sad pop song.

Cruel Summer – Taylor Swift

This one is just a STRAIGHT BOP. Produced by Jack Antonoff, this track is the lovechild of Out Of The Woods from the album 1989, and Getaway Car from Reputation. Bright, catchy instrumentals and classically infectious vocals from T Swift make this my #1 pick for the next single off this album (fingers crossed).

Looking For Some Light – Colony House

They're back! Leading off their upcoming third album, Colony House gives us what we've come to expect: anthemic drums and inspiring lyrics. They play around with tempos and cadences, and continue to rock out and uplift.

Graveyard – Halsey

Alright, alright- I'm pretty sure the only reason I like this song so much is because Jon Bellion wrote it. But still, Halsey's voice fits the tune perfectly, the chorus is impossible to get out of your head, and I wouldn't be surprised if this got plenty of radio play.

My Life – Billy Joel

And finally, a good old throwback, because I'm actually a middle-aged lady at heart. This is honestly a banger, and I think that this era/style of music is vastly overlooked. If I had to classify Billy Joel's genre, I think I'd call it “piano rock-n-roll”, and I think it still holds up. Besides, the chorus is topped off with the line “Go ahead with your own life, leave me alone”. Which I'm pretty sure we can all relate to.

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