Monthly Mixtape – April 2020

Best Years – 5SOS

This song off of 5SOS' latest release is surprisingly sweet, emotional material, with a promise to give a lover the best years of their life in the future together.

I wanna hold your hand while we're growing up

I'll build a house out of the mess and all the broken pieces

I'll make up for all of your tears

I'll give you the best years

Over Yet – Hayley Williams

Hayley's newest track ventures into much more upbeat territory, with plenty of layers of electronic instrumentation & beats, and even a funky bassline. This one feels like it could have fit in with the bright, vintage vibe of Paramore's last album, After Laughter.

Girl Of My Dreams – Brandon Heath

Alright, my hopeless romantic is showing- this one is just a cute acoustic ballad telling the story of meeting, falling for, and marrying the girl of his dreams. I still cry whenever I listen to it; I'm the biggest sucker for these songs.

Falling in love is a beautiful thing

You give up yourself, but you gain everything

She's more than a lover, she's my best friend, I'll be her companion until the end

God must be up there smiling on me ‘cause I'm walking on clouds and moonbeams

I'm in love with the girl of my dreams

Fear of Being Alone – Lennon Stella

I think I'm actually going to be disappointed when Lennon Stella finally releases this album, since that means no more new singles every few weeks! This is a groovy, 80's flavored tune whose dance beat betrays its melancholy subject matter- holding onto a failed relationship in order to avoid the loneliness of being single again.

Slow Your Breath Down – Future of Forestry

This is a wonderfully long(ish) song, a full five minutes, that carries a relaxing, uplifting, indie rock spirit. The lyrics are an encouraging reminder:

You're not alone (Slow your breath down, just take it slow)

You're now a part of me (Find your heart now, oh)

You feel the cure (You can trust and love again, oh)

I'll feel the toil it brought you

Wouldn't It Be Nice – Acoustic Cover – Paul Canning

Maybe I'm feeling extra romantic this month because I have to be quarantined away from my boyfriend... it is what it is. This acoustic version of the classic Beach Boys song doesn't lose any of the original harmonies or stacked vocals, but I feel like it captures the sunshiney love song in a more simple way.

Pretty Venom (Interlude) – All Time Low

One of my favorite tracks from All Time Low's new album, this melancholy tune is a perfect soundtrack to the gloomy days we're still having here in Michigan. You can read my full review of this album here; it's got plenty of other songs about wishing for sunnier weather as well!

TANGLED WEBS – Jon Bellion

This one is a bit of a bonus, since it's not even released on an actual music platform yet- Jon Bellion just posted this video on Instagram yesterday, and all I have to say about it is: BARS.

Jon Bellion never fails to deliver, both in musical & lyrical creativity and in vocal talent. The rough track begins with him feeding his vocals through a keyboard to form the melody, and then a rap verse that's incredibly clever (as always). I can't wait for him to formally release more music, but until then, I'll take some Instagram videos.

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