Leaving My Job

I've only quit a job twice in my life before. So, leaving my current workplace of two and a half years is a daunting task for me, both practically and mentally.

I think that everyone can relate to the bittersweet-ness of leaving your current job for greener pastures; it can be hard to leave behind your coworkers and the familiarity of the work you've been doing.

This is only my third job I've ever had, so it still feels like a huge part of my life. I've seen so many coworkers come and go, get promoted, or go to different departments. I've learned so much, and become confident enough in my abilities to help train new people, and give advice or pointers to people who need it. But I'm ready to move on into a more white-collar, career-starter job in my field, rather than basic customer service. You can read all about my new job here!

It's a tough mental jump to be leaving my super stable position, where I feel like I know how to do pretty much everything, and heading into a role with far more responsibility, critical thinking, and new skills to learn, not to mention a fluctuating startup environment. Especially in the world we're living in right now, I was unbelievably lucky to keep my job and my paycheck throughout the worst of the pandemic. So, it's scary walking away from something that provided stability in a very unstable time.

Regardless of my anxieties or the possibilities of what could go wrong, I know that this new job with be extremely valuable to me, and I'll be thankful for it no matter what.

There could be long hours of work, I could get confused and not know what to do, and I could clash with my CEO or coworkers.

Or, I could find a great workflow, I could thrive working from home, and I could grow, succeed, and make some pretty sweet bonuses.

I'm confident in my abilities, both in the skills I already possess, and my willingness to learn new things. So I won't sweat it when I walk out my branch doors for the last time, because

Thanks for reading!