In The Band Studio: Vinyl Release Show Video -

Halloween 201

Live music has been a part of my life since my early teen years. It has brought me so many amazing experiences and some wonderful friendships.

When my best friend from growing up started playing drums in a local band towards the end of high school, I showed up at almost every single show they played- who wouldn't? I quickly realized that my favorite job was being my friends' biggest fan- listening to and giving my opinions of their music, promoting them on social media, and supporting them by coming out to their shows.

Fast forward to now: the venue where I saw my best friend play their very first show is now my home- my internship home, that is. In The Band Studio in Plymouth, Michigan was founded as a safe, easy place for high schoolers and young adults to hone their musical skills, and to give them a performance space to book shows and gain experience playing to a live crowd. Metro Detroit and its surrounding suburbs are bursting with talented, young musicians with big dreams, and this studio gives them an outlet for their creativity.

ITB is an awesome place filled with so many promising artists, and this is the one place I don't mind at all to work for free. I have so much fun helping to plan, promote, and run live shows, as well as making new friends within the local scene and supporting my favorite musicians.

Check out this video recap that I put together of our last show over Halloween weekend, celebrating the release of our 7” vinyl featuring local artists Read The Sun and Soul Eyes!

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