Hi Again...

Well guys... long time no see!

Not sure if anyone is concerned, but yes, I am still alive and active. can't believe it's already basically been a month since I was posting on here, and it makes me sad. I've missed reading everyone's posts and creating content, and I'm absolutely going to miss the boost from posting multiple times a week. But let's get into it.

Where have I been?


After starting my new job, my whole life has been flipped on its head. I've never had a full-time, 40-hours-a-week desk job before, and I was always scared of making that jump. Living my life on a part-time work schedule really worked for me, using some savings to supplement, but mostly just living off of my smaller income and keeping my costs of living super low. I would take my days off of work to work on other life things, like grocery shopping and cooking for meal prep, doing freelance work, and creating content for this blog – and recently, shopping and prepping and planning for my wedding!

But now that all of my weekdays are spent on the phone and doing work on the computer, I feel like I have no free time to get other things done, especially anything that requires brainpower like writing. I've seriously barely touched my own computer for weeks, after spending hours every day on my work desktop.

Switching from a super basic, customer service position into a job where I'm responsible for thinking critically, meeting deadlines, and creating things from scratch is an intensely difficult mental jump, way harder than I thought it would be. I really do wish I could keep blogging, but it's been completely impossible for me while adjusting to this new lifestyle.

Now, this isn't me complaining about my new job. The thing is, this is really what I was working towards this whole time. My big-picture goal of every creative endeavor I've undertaken has been exactly this; to get a professional, full-time job doing marketing and using my creative side, and to get paid for it, both in more money and in valuable, career-starting experience.

I didn't want to continue spending my time and money slaving away at college classes that I didn't enjoy – I wanted to build up enough experience as I could 100% on my own, so that I could jump right into a job in my field, instead of waiting until I was done with a degree to get that job. And now, I've done that, but at the cost of all of the other creative side gigs I was working on.

So, this isn't a goodbye – I'll continue to stand by Coil and Web Monetization for as long as I live! It's benefitted me immensely, and it's been an incredible experience being plugged into this community. I just don't know how exactly I'll be participating on here from now own. Maybe my mental energy will come back soon, and I'll be able to post once in a while, but for now, I'm just super focused on succeeding in my new job.

If you want to see what I'm up to (and learn more about the amazing company I'm working for!), you can follow our social channels that I'm posting on!



Thanks for reading!