Event Planning, Virtual Edition: My First Webinar

I can now add “educational event planning” to my resume, because we just wrapped on a month-long project at work: putting on a webinar!

My company used to put on webinars frequently, and they had a great turnout as well, but the shifting of staff eventually pushed them to the wayside, and we hadn't put one on in a couple of years. But our staff shifted once again, and my CEO and I decided to try some new strategies to help achieve more of my goals as the marketing operations specialist. One of those new strategies was reviving the old webinar to try and re-connect with old leads and new people who are potentially interested in what we have to offer.

The turnaround time before the date of the webinar was about 3 weeks, which was barely enough time to begin with! Myself and three other members of the team worked long hours to get everything done- with me sending out emails, making a registration form connected to an automated workflow, designing countless social media posts announcing the event, and even creating a landing page for the first time.

The few days leading up to it were very tough, and I was more stressed than I had been in a long time. But when the day of the webinar rolled around, Zoom worked, the slides worked, and a few people actually showed up! We had about 50 registers and around 25 showed up, which is alright all things considered.

It was a great new experience and a way to learn another aspect of my job that could be very beneficial to the company in the future. I just hope that the attendees learned a lot and want to come back to our next webinars!