An Unconventional Christmas: The Best Christmas Songs You've Never Heard Of

I love Christmastime, but I do NOT love hearing the same exact Christmas songs over and over for a month and a half. I can get into plenty of traditional tunes, but after a while, you just need some spice in your holiday playlists. That's why I love this list of songs I'm sharing with you now – if you need a break from the same old songs, this is for you!

Mistletoe – Justin Bieber

An oldie but a goodie. Say what you want about teenage Justin Bieber, but this song is so catchy and good and you will not convince me otherwise.

In Like a Lion (Always Winter) – Relient K

This song is a lovely reference to The Chronicles of Narnia, and it really evokes the calm, hopeful feeling of the holiday season.

Merry Christmas, Here's to Many More – Relient K

This is my favorite of all time on this list. It just gets me every time, it feels nostalgic and it really nails the warm feeling of being with the friends and family you love the most on Christmas.

White Winter Hymnal – Pentatonix

A high school honors choir standby, and a BANGER. When I discovered this song my senior year, I swear I couldn't stop listening to it; it's so catchy!

My Kind of Present – Meghan Trainor

I heard this one while getting my toner washed out at the hair salon (lol) and it's so cute and festive. I'm not the biggest fan of her as an artist, but it's a great Christmas love song.

Fool's Holiday – All Time Low

Yes, they even make Christmas songs, and this one is high on the list for me. It's mostly your usual ATL 6/8 punk ballad, but with a Christmas love song twist.

Winter Means Nothing (Without You) – The Maine

Another great original from a great rock band. This song is about missing someone and the winter holidays meaning nothing if they don't have each other.

Peppermint Winter – Owl City

I LOVE this one so much. Owl City's humorous, playful writing style never fails to make me smile, and it's most appropriate in a festive tune like this one.

I rip off the wrapping and tear through the box

'Till I end up with 45 new pairs of socks

This peppermint winter is so sugar sweet

I don't need to taste to believe

What's December without Christmas Eve?

Christmas Tree Farm – Taylor Swift

The queen of 2020 surprises also has a sweet tune about going back to spend the holidays where she grew up – a Christmas tree farm!

Shiver Me Timbres – The Timbre of Cedar

My lovely friend has a brand-new original Christmas tune to finish out the year! It reminisces on her and her husband's first Christmases together years ago, and they even have a great live performance video you can watch here!

Heaven Everywhere – Francesca Battistelli

I remember listening to this song as a young kid, but I'll never forget the specific memory I have attached to this song. It was my freshman year of high school, and it was the first week of December. All of the seniors had been gone for the previous week on the yearly class trip, and it was the first day they were all back home and in school. The feeling throughout the whole school was so happy and joyous that they were back, and snow was falling so perfectly outside. I remember walking between classes through the stairwell, with floor-to-ceiling windows, watching the snow fall, listening to this song in my earbuds, and feeling the Christmas spirit stronger than I ever had before. It was so sweet, and this song always gets me emotional now.

Christmas of Love – Cimorelli

The girls really show up on this one, with catchy melodies, cool ket changes, and some seriously good vocals.

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